Kickapoo Tribe of Okahoma
Education Department
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Our mission is to provide quality educational opportunities and resources to our Kickapoo Tribal Members of Oklahoma. Our Education Department is committed to providing access and educational opportunities to Tribal Members in order to foster a cultural and educational environment that will enhance and improve the academic success of our people. We are dedicated to encouraging greater participation among Tribal Members in pursuing a formal education. Education will bring positive changes in our lives and in our community.
Computer Learning Resource Center and Library
Computers are available for tribal members’ use. Tribal members can access internet for research, filing of FAFSA, and registering for ACT. They may also type resumes, letters, and essays. Education Staff can provide assistance for any of the above. Downloading of music/videos and/or visiting inappropriate sites is not allowed. Library contains GED prep Material, Dictionaries (English & Spanish), children & adolescent books, children’s learning tools, and other informational material. Games for all ages.
Higher Education Scholarship:
The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Higher Education College Scholarship Program serves Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Tribal Members exclusively. It provides financial assistance to Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Members who attend a nationally/state accredited college/university. The number of tribal members enrolled in colleges and universities is increasing every year due to the excellent education programs the Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma administers. Application Deadline for the Fall Semester is JUNE 30, and deadline for the Spring Semester is November 30.
Required Documents:
  • Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma membership verification
  • High School Transcript/Diploma or GED Diploma
  • Official College Transcript (if previously attended)
  • Personal Letter– include introduction, college major, career objective after graduation (minimum 100 words)
  • Letter of Acceptance from an accredited college/university
  • Class Schedule
  • Adult Vocational Training:
    The Adult Vocational Training Program promotes opportunities for self-determination and self sufficiency. The program provides financial assistance to Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Members, as well as other Native Americans who reside within the Kickapoo Tribe Jurisdiction. Applicant must be enrolled in training to obtain job/trade skill leading to gainful employment. Training Center must be nationally/state accredited.
  • Must be unskilled (lacking required professional skill)
  • Must be at least 18 years Old (Unless High School Graduate or GED recipient who is at least 16 years of age)
  • Kickapoo Tribal Members
  • Native Americans who reside in Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Jurisdiction (must meet need base)
  • Required Documents:
  • CDIB/Tribal Enrollment Verification
  • Birth Certificate/Driver License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residency-utility bill, copy of lease agreement, or notarized statement signed Head of Household
  • School Records-high school transcript, college transcript (if previously attended) and/or GED diploma
  • Schedule and/or enrollment agreement
  • Incentive Award:
    The Incentive Award Program is provided to all Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Tribal Members who successfully complete a nationally/state accredited educational program. An Incentive in the amount of $1,000 is awarded to Tribal Members who have earned a High School Diploma/ GED Diploma, a Certificate of Completion from long-term Training, Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree. Incentive awards are an immense part of the increasing number of graduates.
  • Applicant must be an enrolled Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma Member at time of receiving diploma, certificate, or degree
  • Application must be submitted within one year of graduation/completion of training
  • Applicants are eligible to receive ONE incentive award per level
  • Educational Support:
    This program assists Kickapoo Tribal Members with various fees related to school; such as ACT testing, high school driver’s education fees, high school senior fees, summer school fees, school supplies, independent study courses, and GED testing for adults. Kickapoo UNITY Council has been strategically planning ways in which to prevent and bring awareness of childhood obesity. Obesity is one of the most urgent and serious health threats confronting our nation.
    The Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma will not provide an education incentive award for short-term training, workshops, seminar study, on the job work site experience, licenses, and general certificates in which attendance was required as a condition of employment.