Kickapoo Tribe of Okahoma
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Form(s) must be printed and fill out and then submit it along with all the required documents to the appropriated department.

Tribal Court Forms/Rules/Procedures
Animal Regulation Ordinance

Affidavit for Smal Claims Appellate Procedure Application for Citation of Contempt Application for Emergency Temp. Custody Order Application for Emergency Temp. Custody of Minor Child/Children
Application for Marriage License Application to resign as guardian and final accounting

Bail Bond Fee Schedule

Child Support Code Civil Complaint of Slander Civil complaint

Court Fees Courtroom Rules

Criminal Procedures

Criminal Violations Code Chapter A Chapter B Chapter B2 Chapter C
Chapter D Chapter E Chapter F Chapter G
Chapter H
Domestic Violence Protection Code

Judicial System Ordinance Juvenile Ordinance

KTO Standard Visitation Schedule

Libel and Slander Ordinance

Marriage License Application Marriage and Divorce Ordinance Motion for Extension of Time to Pay Fine(s) Motion to Dismiss and Close Motion to Modify Child Custody, Support and Visitation
Petition for Adult Guardianship Petition for Divorce Petition for guardian of a minor children Petition for Permanent Custody
Petition for Protective Order Petition for Temporary Restraining or Injunction Petition to Change Name Petition to Proceed in Forma Pauperis (IFP)
Relinquishment of Guardianship

Rules of Civil Procedure

Rules of Evidence

Tribal Utility Ordinance

Uniform Fee Schedule

Waiver for Guardianship of a Minor

Federal Miscellaneous Forms
Affordable Care Act Exemption Form (Obamacare)